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Freedom From Neck & Back Pain Will Show You How

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About the Book 

This Book Solves a Real Problem

Chronic neck and back pain is a real problem for many people.

Most people suffering from nagging and recurrent neck and back pain have tried numerous medical and conservative treatments only to find temporary relief without finding the real solution.

Many have resorted to medications, steroid injections, or spinal surgery to manage their spine problem.

Many have accepted that they were looking at a life that would never be free of spine pain.

The worst part... many people limit their life activities and experiences because of fear of a flare-up.


It’s Time to Be Free of Neck & Back Pain

This thorough and practical book will teach you the underlying root causes of most people's neck and back pain.

The functional self-tests, exercises, and real-world examples will show you what your underlying causes may be and how to address them.

You will learn how to improve your posture, restore your breath, and effectively stabilize your spine from the inside out.

As a result, you’ll become more capable of living an active life without fear of pain.


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About the Author

Dr. Tamer Issa is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who works in private practice in Bethesda & Olney, MD. He is passionate about helping people feel better and move better so they can remain physically fit and active. He is also dedicated to teaching other therapists to be more effective clinicians. He has taught continuing education courses, published book chapters and journal articles, and lectured at conferences over his 24-year professional career. Dr. Issa believes strongly in a holistic approach to care aimed at not just treating symptoms but also addressing the root cause of the symptoms to help people get back to living life to the fullest.

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