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I had seen several physical therapists before coming to ISSA Physical Therapy, and my therapist was the first one to bring me any real relief. I highly recommend their innovative one-on-one approach where they spend an hour of concentrated time with you, as opposed to the traditional physical therapy model where the therapist sees several patients simultaneously.

I have been experiencing neck pain for many years, trying many different procedures to relieve the pain.  It was not until I came to ISSA Physical Therapy that I finally received relief! The combination of the dry needling and manipulation were key factors.  Now, I am able to accomplish daily activities free of pain.–Sharon

My therapist's obvious expertise and excellent manner fixed my problem without costly or invasive procedures.–Steve

I would highly recommend ISSA Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy. My therapist was not only thorough and very knowledgeable, but also friendly and easy to talk to, all of which help bring about the best possible results. My therapist was always very patient and happy to answer any questions and really went out of his way to help me with my back and abdominal muscle problems. I can honestly say that I now feel much better, and I am very grateful for everything ISSA Physical Therapy has done for me.–Olympia

My therapist was a very caring, dedicated physical therapist. ISSA Physical Therapy has been so much help to me, improving my back problem and relieving me of so much pain. I have highly recommended them to many friends.– Louise H

Integrity to his profession and to the patient is what comes to mind when I remember my times with Mr. ISSA, as a former patient. His observations and explanations are always complete and he shares and educates the client. A wonderful therapist and person of integrity.– Etta Rae

I received almost complete improvement after the second visit and have had no recurring problems since my last visit. Absolutely excellent care and treatment by a very qualified and personable therapist.– David

My therapist provided excellent all-round care. He listens to the patient and the patient's body, treating known problems and discovering new areas of concern, providing short and long-term pain relief and recovery.– Vicki

Tamer is a fantastic physical therapist. His skill doing dry needling of myofascial trigger points is unparalleled. I flew from California and stayed in the area for weeks solely to have treatment with Tamer every weekday during my stay. I had tried many treatments over the prior two years with limited success, but my treatment with Tamer was immensely more effective, leading to a more accurate diagnosis of where my problem sprung from and a much faster recovery. After two years making the treatment of my condition my highest priority involving several hours every day, I was able to return to a more normal lifestyle, with limited stretching exercises and self treatment that has allowed me to continue the life I had before the injury. Now I am able to perform activities with my arms that I was unable to do for two years.  Thank you Tamer!

Aside from being very effective, Tamer is a very caring physical therapist. He tries very hard to find the best ways to heal, and is very concerned with returning the patient to a normal lifestyle. I highly recommend Tamer. He is a great physical therapist.– Eduardo

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