Running With Your Brain

How the brain influences your running and how running benefits your brains health

Why am I feeling so clumsy with my run?

What exactly is the runner's high?

Why was it so hard to run today?

Why do I feel so much better and clear minded after my runs?

If you want to get more in tune with your run- this seminar is for you!

Running With Your Brain

Where: ISSA Physical Therapy

Address: 6010 Executive Blvd, Suite 704

North Bethesda, MD 20852

Date: Thursday August 24, 2017

Time: 6:00pm


Learning how to use your brain to connect with your muscles is the first start to a better run and injury prevention. We will discuss the various roles the brain plays with running, your form, your pace, your endurance, your efficiency, etc. After this seminar, you will be able to further understand how to use your brain to improve your efficiency while running, as well as the added brain health benefits of running.

Presented by: Megan Piersol, PT, DPT

Dr. Megan Piersol has been a licensed physical therapist for over 7 years. Dr. Piersol received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2010 from the University of Florida. She has experience treating individuals and teams at youth, collegiate, and professional levels. Megan is a runner herself and enjoys treating athletes.


Outstanding dry needling experience with Dr. Piersol! Megan made a very uncomfortable procedure pleasant with her unique blend of professionalism and humor! She had me back on my feet and back in crossfit gym in under a month. I highly recommend Dr. Piersol for any of your sports related rehabilitation needs

Before I came to Megan Piersol, I was a complete disaster. I was repeatedly getting injured. Even though I love running, at one point I just lost all hope that I was ever going to improve my condition. Megan performed dry needling on me-which really helped address my symptoms, gave me exercises that addressed the source of my problems, and also pointed me to resources to help me get better. I highly recommend her.