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Core Strength- Part 2

Core Strength- Part 2
. Core Strength. Part 2- Testing & Training the Core. by Dr. Jesse Lewis, PT, DPT Welcome back for Part 2 of our core strength education.  In Part 1 we talked about what core strength was and the best way to activate your core.  Here we will discuss how to self-test your core and a couple of our favorite core exercises.  How to Test Your Core Strength:. Self-testing your core strength isn’t easy.  That is because there are a lot of ways your body can compens...
Posted on 2017-07-12

Core Strength- Part 1

Core Strength- Part 1
. Core Strength. Part 1- Defining the Core and How to Find It. by Dr. Jesse Lewis, PT, DPT Core Strength. Those two words might be spoken in gyms, running blogs, and physical therapy offices more than any other words. Most people probably accept that core strength is an important part of health. But do we really understand what core strength is? And if we do, what’s the best way to test it and to train it? This blog will be the first part of our two-part series on core stren...
Posted on 2017-06-29

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