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. 5 Ways to Avoid Back Pain Over the Busy Holiday Season. by Tamer Issa, PT, DPT. Avoiding stress is the first thing that comes to mind, so getting out of town for a week or two would be a great idea.  Unfortunately, that's not a great option for many of us given the times. Whether dealing with a pandemic or not... the holiday season can be a busy and hectic time for all of us, especially if you live in the DC Metro Area.  The last thing you want to be dealing with this holiday ...
Posted on 2020-12-08
What Do You Think Is the Most Common Pain Problem That People Are Facing Right Now?. by Dr. Tamer Issa, PT, DPT. I recently held a Virtual Happy Hour and Wellness Q&A with my community to talk about strategies for staying healthy and well during this difficult time. I asked the participants to come with a specific pain problem or physical issue that they are currently dealing with as a result of the recent changes in their life. What Do You Think Is the Most Common Pain Problem That Peop...
Posted on 2020-04-11
Tips for Shoveling Snow...The Safe Way!. By: Cole Howell, PT, DPT. Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash It’s that time of year again, and if you’re like me you are liking spending time outside clearing the snow from your car and driveway. Shoveling snow is a repetitive activity that leaves makes up vulnerable to injuries. Muscle strains of the lower back and shoulders are some of the most common complaints we see as a result of snow shoveling. If you are deconditio...
Posted on 2019-02-20
Are Your Hamstrings Really the Problem? by Jesse Lewis, PT, DPT. Can you touch your toes?  . One of the most common complaints we hear from our clients is that their “hamstrings are always tight”.  The hamstring is the big, long muscle at the back of your thigh. Even after stretching constantly, foam rolling, or getting a  massage, they still feel tightness in their hamstrings. Does this sound familiar to you at all? If so, there’s probably a reason ...
Posted on 2018-06-22
. The 3 Best Exercises For Your Back. By Tamer Issa, PT, DPT. People suffering from acute or chronic back pain who are searching for ways to take care of their spine are often confused by the sheer number and variety of exercises that are available to them to try.   As physical therapists, we are often asked by friends, family, and clients: “What are some good exercises that I can do for my back”.  We often reply it depends on multiple factors including your ag...
Posted on 2018-06-20
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