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» Why It's Important to Fill Out Your Intake Sheet BEFORE Your Massage Appointment
Why It's Important to Fill Out Your Intake Sheet BEFORE Your Massage Appointment

Why It’s Important to Fill Out Your Intake Sheet BEFORE Your Massage Appointment

Christa Sperry RMP, RYT-200


When you book an appointment here at Issa PT for massage for the first time, an intake form should be automatically emailed to you. This intake form, apart from giving me consent to touch you and treat you, also fills me in about who you are and why you’re coming in to see me. It lets me know things about past and present injuries, illnesses, and preferences. It lets me know if you have any allergies or sensitivities, anxiety or blood clots. “Well, it’s just a massage” you may say, “why do you need all this information about me?”.

     Massage is meant to feel good, release tense muscles, aid in posture correction, deeper breathing, and better sleep, it can help increase the range of motion in your joints and decrease headaches, BUT if I don’t know anything about the way your body works and what it’s been through then I could do more harm than good. By filling out your intake form BEFORE you come in, I can know that you are (for instance) having low back pain due to a sports injury 5 years ago, that you have high blood pressure and bruise easily, or maybe that you really prefer deep tissue work and are a dancer. Every detail tells me how to best be of service to you in order that you may get the most out of your time and money spent with me. It also tells me what modalities of massage would be appropriate for you.

     The way I approach someone who has a frozen shoulder is going to be different than the way I approach someone who just wants to de-stress. My tools, oils, pillows, depth of pressure, and speed will all be different depending on who is walking into my office and what their current issues are. Knowing what you are experiencing and why you are coming to see me beforehand not only insures I have everything on hand to be ready for you, it also saves us time having to go over an entire life’s history of aches and pains during your appointment which only eats into your treatment time. 

     My first rule of practice in massage is “Do no harm” and having an intake form filled out and ready to go before we begin is the first step. Even if you are already a PT patient here and have given us your info, it’s still worth taking 3 minutes to fill out the massage intake online since what I need to know differs from what the PTs need to know. I strive to be a better partner in your wellness journey, and just like all things in life, knowledge is power. The more I know about how to be of service to you, the better your experience will be.

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