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What If I Don't Like to Exercise?

What If I Don’t Like To Exercise?

By: Jesse Lewis, DPT

At this point, you’ve probably been told a thousand times that exercise is good for you.  You can’t go a week without someone mentioning it or seeing some headline about how exercise is good for you.  But what if you hate the treadmill or the thought of going into a gym makes you break out into a cold sweat? Exercise doesn’t have to be structured.  As long as you are active and moving, that counts as exercise. Here are some options to get your exercise in, without having to stress about getting your running shoes or gym clothes on.

Go For a Hike

It’s summertime so now is a great time to get outdoors.  Hiking is a great option to get some exercise because you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want.  Are you new to hiking? Then try one of the easier, or paved trails. If you want to sweat a little more, then try out something a little steeper or longer.  

Video Games

Yes, video games.  Systems such as the Nintendo Wii, XBox Kinect, and many others have games that force you to get up and move.  There are options such as tennis, dancing, and many others that get you moving. Try it, you will probably break more of a sweat than you think.

Bike or Walk to Work

This doesn’t work for everyone, but if you have the option it’s a great way to get your exercise in for the day.  Plus you will be saving money on gas or Metro fares.

Go For a Walk With Friends

Have a plan to meet up with an old friend and get a coffee?  Why don’t you get that coffee to go and walk around the block or the mall while you catch up instead of sitting in the coffee shop?  

Play With Your Kids

You probably think that your kids have endless energy.  Let’s use that to your benefit! Get outside with them and play tag, throw a ball around, or just have them make up a game to play.  


Has it been a while since you got your groove on?  Grab a friend or your partner and take a dance lesson or just go out to somewhere that has your favorite music and let loose.  

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