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What Are We Reading?

Spring has arrived in the DC area...which means cherry blossoms, inconsistent weather and pollen!

We have reached a point now where we increasingly see and read stories about 'putting your phone down', technology sabbaticals, and being more in the moment to our surroundings.  This certainly seems to be a tipping point and somewhat reasonable, as you can go to any concert,sporting event or airport and take note of how many people are living life through the lens of their phone.    Some would say our relationship with our phone is often our most intimate personal relationship!   Young children are often fluent in navigating apple products, and limiting 'screen time' is a popular topic with young parents!   I know I am guilty of all these habits at times.  

However, let us not forget some of the value of the internet and technology as a means to distribute information!   As blogs and social media becomes increasingly integral for education and business, there has never been more quality writing done out there.   Here's some light and heavy reading of various topics for you to chew on from I've been reading.  Hope you enjoy! 


If you are a basketball fan of any level, you have to appreciate the meteoric rise of Stephen Curry.  Read how an often injured player worked his way into a steady workhorse and superstar!

And then read how Nike, through arrogance, complacency and , missed on signing Stephen Curry. 

Tiger Woods has undergone 3 back surgeries in 19 months.  Is it poor training? Is it time catching up?  An in-depth look at What happened to Tiger Woods.  A complicated story but I would argue much of this had to do with inappropriate rehabilitation.  

Pop Culture

Wondering about Snapchat? Wonder about its rapid ascent into the lives of adolescents, teenagers and young adults?  It's more then just a video that disappears...its now a target of big advertising money.  

On a heavier note, the opioid epidemic is real and worse then ever...A great Frontline documentary thats worth your time.

But Cheer up, here are 7 powerful stories on recovery after injury!

Health and Fitness

Back squat or Rear foot elevated squat?  Great info as always from Mike Boyle!

A nice read on habits, how to form and change habits...Great info for diets, nutrition, and exercise routines!

A one sided article on high intensity workouts, CrossFit and a new industry.  I'd still prefer quality physical therapy over some of these gimmicky business ideas.  

An interesting discussion on training and movement.  Low vs high threshold is an interesting description of efficient movement while training.

The ongoing debate continues.  Is there a link between Concussions and brain disease?  A sobering and fairly objective look by the New York Times.

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