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We Do What?

Physical Therapy Can Do What?


Jesse Lewis, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Almost every week I have a client ask “You can treat that?” or say “I didn’t know you could help me with that.”  Physical therapists are movement experts.  We excel at analyzing how your body moves and see what might be able to move better.  Sometimes that’s to get you out of pain, but sometimes it can be to make you perform better.  

Here are a couple recent examples:

I had a client come to me because she was having difficulty performing the “snatch” exercise.  Basically, she was having trouble lifting really heavy weight over her head.  For most of her attempts, she was falling and dropping the weight.  She wasn’t having any pain, but her lifting coach thought I might be able to help.  I took a look at her lifting form, checked her strength and range of motion of some key joints, and was able to find a few areas that needed some work.  After a couple of visits with me, and some work on her own, she was no longer dropping the weight and falling forward.  All she needed was better strength in her shoulders and better range of motion in her spine.  Now she’s setting personal records in her weightlifting competitions!

Another client was seeing me for a totally unrelated condition and happened to mention she was having trouble reaching her goal for her upcoming 8-kilometer race.  I let her know that I might be able to help her with that.  We discussed her goals, where she currently was, and most importantly, her current training schedule.  I made some suggestions to her training routine, gave her some ideas for cross training, and recommended a few simple exercises to do to keep her endurance and strength up during her run.  Several weeks later she set a new personal record for the race!  

These are just a couple of examples of how physical therapists can help you reach your goal.  If your goal is movement related, there’s a good chance a physical therapist can help you get there.  Not sure if we can help you?  You can always give us a call or and we’ll be happy to help you decide if we’re right for you.  If we aren’t the best option for you, we will point you in the right direction.

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