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» Thoughts from Quebec City (IFOMPT Conference)- Day 5
Thoughts from Quebec City (IFOMPT Conference)- Day 5

Notable notes from the last day at the IFOMPT conference


When you witness something unexpected and unexplained you have a choice to Ignore or Explore (LJ Lee, D Lee)

Groin pain/injury continues to significantly affect soccer players with a 28% incidence rate and a 20% reoccurrence rate

Predictors of groin injuries in soccer players:

  • previous injury
  • adductor and abductor strength ratios
  • muscle length and strength imbalances
  • fatigue
  • training errors
  • inadequate warm-up

Some facts about hip labral tears:

  • can present with different pain patterns
  • magnetic resonance arthrography (MRA) is the diagnostic test of choice
  • gold standard for diagnosing an acetabular labral tear is by arthroscopy
  • arthroscopy surgical procedure as treatment is growing rapidly
  • good results can be achieved but pain can remain
  • over-diagnosis is a danger
  • adequate conservative management is essential
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