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» Thoughts from Quebec City (IFOMPT Conference)- Day 4
Thoughts from Quebec City (IFOMPT Conference)- Day 4

Take home message from Day 4 at the IFOMPT conference-

Biomarkers for Injury Risk (G. Cook):

  • previous injury
  • asymmetry
  • motor control
  • BMI
  • stupidity

Books that I have added to my reading list:

Prevalence of pelvic girdle pain in pregnant women:

  • 20% during pregnancy (some data shows 50-60%)
  • 7% leads to severe disability
  • 2-3% will lead to persistent pain

The Thorax (LJ Lee, D. Lee)

  • Myth- the thorax is inherently stable due to its form.
  • A  ‘thoracic ring’, has 13 joints per ring, and in total the thorax contains 136 joints.
  • Dysfunction in the thorax has the potential to impact pain and function of several other regions of the body.
  • Can’t ignore the thorax and we need to do more than mobilize or manipulate it.
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