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Thoughts from Quebec City (IFOMPT Conference)- Day 3

Day 3 did not disappoint. Thanks in large part to David Butler, Mariano Rocabado, Tim Flynn and Harry von Piekartz (I’m officially a fan, especially since he graduated from my PT school in Holland).

A Manual Therapist as defined by David Butler. I never get tired of listening to Butler.

  • A Manual Therapist is a Biopsycholosocialist
  • A Manual Therapist is a Brain Reinhibitor and Sculptor
  • A Manual Therapist is an Immunotherapist
  • A Manual Therapist is a Linguist

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) Update

  • 40-75% of the population has at least one sign of TMD
  • 33% report at least one symptom of TMD
  • only 4-7% seek treatment

Imaging and Physical Therapy

  • Individuals need to understand that an MRI image of a disc lesion represents a picture of a single moment of time in a certain position. And that there is little evidence that it indicates a prolonged course of pain or disability. Imaging alone is not enough to appreciate and explain a person’s spinal condition.
  • Early physical therapy intervention decreases the risk of subsequent medical services vs. late intervention.
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