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Stuff we are reading…This week’s links!

It’s finally official. We are open for business in our new space. The last week has flown by with packing and unpacking, but we are excited for our fresh start and the future! A day late, but check out this weeks links!


1) It seems like there articles like this every week. Yet another article, debating the benefits of barefoot vs non-barefoot running. Still remains to be seen if the research and popularity of this topic will continue.


2) Nicely summarized article about food, nutrition and health in America. Which side are you on?


3) Is work killing you? Many people in the DC area have probably asked this question at some point in their career when driving home from work and dealing with traffic. This may be a bit dramatic, but still worth a look…


4) Interesting video about youth sports, courtesy of Mike Boyle’s blog and website.



5) Lastly, check out our facebook page.  We have posted pics of the construction process and will be adding more soon!  Or stop by!  6010 Executive Boulevard Suite 704, North Bethesda, MD 20852

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