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STOP what you are doing and read these links!

After a one week absence, we are back with a few additional links! A few random topics regarding health care, medicine and physical therapy.  If you didn’t see our link yesterday on our Facebook page  about young athletes and concussions, take a look here.  

1) Another post regarding the merits of foam rolling at bettermovement.com .  This has been frequently discussed on multiple blogs.  Our take: this can be incredibly effective in the right doeses.  However, super aggressive rolling can sometimes be counterproductive.

2) A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine that was discussed in the New York Times discusses how steroid shots are no more effective then placebo.  Interesting topic.  We have found them to be effective in certain situations.

3) Even though this is a key issue in this years election, it’s easy to get lost in the politics.  Romney vs Obama healthcare plan.  And we are healthcare providers!


4) Random topic:  College tuition still on the rise and forcing schools to look at costs.  Its about time!!


See you next week!

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