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Run with Your Mind, Not Against It- Upcoming Educational Running Seminars

Run with Your Mind, Not Against It

by Dr. Megan Piersol, PT, DPT

Upcoming Free Educational Running Seminar Series



This educational series will consist of running-related talks to help use and improve your mind with running, running forms, and the importance of cross-training to improve your running.  Outlined below are what each session will cover over the next four months.  We will be doing one talk a month and would love for you to join in all of them to get the full effect and appreciation of how brain training, cross training, and form training can sharpen your running performance.  If you can’t make one talk, don’t worry.  Each talk is related but also stands individually, so you can easily jump right in and benefit.                     

Seminar 1- Running with Your Brain

Thursday- August 24th, 2017 from 6-7 PM

This will be about how your brain is a very important component of running, how it influences your running, and how running benefits your brain and its development.


Seminar 2- Hitting the "Wall"

Thursday- September 21st, 2017 from 6-7 PM

This talk dives into theories of what is going on when you hit the “wall” with running, myths and facts about the wall, and strategies to help escape hitting the wall.


Seminar 3- Form Training

Thursday- October 19th, 2017 from 6-7 PM

This talk will provide information on running forms, common running injuries based on form, potential shoe influences on running, what changes you can make right away to improve your running form, and ideas to help you work on your running form. 


Seminar 4- The Importance of Cross Training

Thursday- December 14th, 2017 from 6-7 PM

This talk will address the importance of cross-training to help improve your run and prevent injuries.  There will be a lab portion of this to allow you to practice some of these exercises with the guidance of a therapist.  Please dress in comfortable workout clothes or running gear.


Registration for these free seminars will be available approximately 3 weeks in advance of each individual seminar.

PLEASE REGISTER by a week before each presentation, so we can get an appropriate headcount to determine where the presentation can be held. We will post the venue of the talk a week before the presentation.  

Questions? Email info@issapt.com or call (301) 231 – 0095

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