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» Patient Success Story- Relief of Acute Headache
Patient Success Story- Relief of Acute Headache

I was going through some old paperwork the other day and I came across this great ‘Success Story’ from a former patient. Thought it was worth sharing. If you have a therapy ‘Success Story’ that you would like to share, please let us know.

I was planting a bush in my yard and started getting a terrible headache. The headache continued for 2 weeks, at which time I went to see my family doctor. He determined it was a muscular headache. He gave me muscle relaxers and pain meds. I was not having great results with the medication. My daughter suggested ISSA PHYSICAL THERAPY, whom she had been seeing for a while to treat migraine headaches, with good results. I got an appointment and after just one treatment the headache was gone. Now every time I have neck neck, head, or back pain, I turn to ISSA PHYSICAL THERAPY to get better. I have personally recommended them to family and friends.



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