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New Feature! Links of the Week!

A new feature we are introducing on our site will be frequent postings of what  we are reading. The topics of these links will be much more broad; ranging from  health care issues and policy, general fitness, or strength/exercise training  topics.

We’ll be posting links to articles, videos and websites that we think you will find  informative, interesting and educational. Feel free to comment, contact, or  share any of these stories.

1) Nice story about the rise of world #1 golfer Rory McIlroy and how he  has embraced training!

2) We believe in embracing technology, and believe that it can be helpful for our staff, our therapists and our patients. Our clinic uses an electronic medical records system and while it has its headaches, we feel that its advantageous for use in our clinic. This recent study questions the cost-savings of using electronic medical records.

3) Check out this recent article giving an Overview of Dry Needling in the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine. It’s a little scientific in parts, but give it a shot! If you aren’t familiar with this topic, this gives a very nice overview.  Our therapists use this treatment technique on a daily basis!

4) Fantastic overview of how chronic pain changes the activity of the brain! Fascinating stuff in an area that continues to explode in the research world.


Check back next week for more!

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