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Mind-Body Healing- ISSAPT Educational Event July 2015

Education Workshop Event

Using Mind-Body Tools and Food as Medicine to Assist in Your Healing Journey

Kelly Bradley, PT

Wednesday- July 29, 2015

6:30-8:00 PM

“We have the power to choose what we think, feel, do and eat therefore, we have the power to choose if we heal and thrive.”  Kelly Bradley 

We literally hold the power to heal in our own hands.  It is up to us.  This workshop will give you powerful tools and strategies to use so you can take inspired action and choose to do everything in your power to heal.   

Mind Body tools and strategies help you connect with your inner guidance system where you hold all the answers including how to heal, what is your next best step on your healing journey, what is your next best step in your life journey and so much more.  You just need to learn how to reconnect your mind to your body, emotions and soul, cultivate balance in that system, receive your guidance and take inspired action on that guidance. 

Your inner guidance system also gives you information on what YOU need to eat to heal.  We are what we eat.   Our body is constantly giving us messages regarding what food is good for us and what is not- we just need to learn to listen to this wisdom.  We need to use food as medicine on a daily basis when healing- this is not an option, it is a necessity.  We eat approximately 3 times a day and each time we eat we have the opportunity to provide our cells with exactly what they need to optimally function, heal and thrive.  Each person’s nutritional needs are unique so it’s essential to tune into your inner guidance system for this knowledge.           

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What the Inner Guidance System is.
  • How we can use our IGS to help us heal.
  • How disconnected most of are and why.
  • How to start to reconnect the mind to the body, yoni, emotions and soul.
  • A few tools to help you start using your IGS to help you heal.
  • The mind body tool that you can use daily to tune into your body’s guidance. 
  • How food, nutrition and the whole eating experience affect your healing processes.
  • How to start tuning into your own guidance regarding what to eat and how to eat. 
  • My top tips on eating to heal. 

Kelly’s bio:  Kelly Bradley has practiced the healing science and art of Integrative Physical Therapy, Movement Therapy, Women’s Life, Health & Nutrition Coaching & Mind / Body Healing for 15 years. She founded Bradley Wellness, LLC 15 years ago and has been evolving and growing herself and her business ever since. Kelly specializes in Women’s Health & Well-Being and uses a variety of modalities to help in the healing process includingg:  nutrition, movement, lifestyle, mind-body healing, art, creativity, play and photography.  Kelly helps her clients cultivate a web of support and healing round table to further assist in the healing process. 

  • Check outwww.kellybradley.com to learn more about Kelly, Coaching with Kelly, E-courses that will change your life, wildly delicious and nutritious recipes, Kelly’s blog and more. 
  • Find Kelly on Instagram (kellyevansbradley), Facebook, Pinterest & Linked-In 
  • Call or email Kelly to set up a 30 minute Complimentary Clarity Session to help you uncover what your next best step in healing is.  202-320-5025  kelly@bradleywellness.com

Reserve your spot now by emailing info@issapt.com or on our Facebook Page!

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