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» Meet Our Staff- Pasquale Silvestre ‘Lino’, Personal Trainer
Meet Our Staff- Pasquale Silvestre ‘Lino’, Personal Trainer

Take your training to the next level!

We are very pleased that Lino is a part of our team at ISSA PHYSICAL THERAPY. Lino is a truly gifted personal trainer.  His skill and knowledge of anatomy, human movement and physical performance is unparalleled in the area of functional exercise rehabilitation. He has trained and worked with some of the best in this field.

Lino works closely with our physical therapists to assist in achieving the highest possible outcomes for our patients in the shortest possible time frames. Whether you are a chronic low back sufferer looking to improve your function, a weekend warrior looking to stay active, or  a high level athlete looking to compete at your best, Lino will be the catalyst to help achieve your goals.

Ask your therapist if Lino’s functional rehab approach is right for you.  Lino will be available for personal training appointments in our office on Fridays and has other available times during the week at his studio. To schedule an appointment, you can do so by calling the office at 301-231-0095 or schedule at the front desk during your next visit.

Special COVID-19 Announcement- We are essential and OPEN to help those with aches & pains and who need rehab through in-person appointments. If you have a problem, but don’t feel comfortable coming in, check out our popular virtual PT sessions.