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Links of the Week!

This is an exciting week as we get to start packing and move to our new space off of Executive Boulevard in North Bethesda.   Take a look at this weeks great links.


1) If you have children that play Little League baseball,  you probably have heard about the risks of children throwing curve balls.  A recent article in the New York Times takes a look at the growing debate over whether kids should still be restricted from pitch counts and curve balls based on some new evidence from the American Sports Medicine Institute.  New research, founded by famed orthopedic surgeon James Andrews, showed that there was no link between injuries and curve balls in these kids.    Still seems suspect to me at this point.

2)  Yet another New York Times article looking at the the relationship of the statin drug class (think Lipitor) and muscle aches/exercise.  Clinically, we have seen this with patients suffering from Achilles tendonitis.  When they stopped the use of the drug, their symptoms went away immediately.  After reading this article and you think this may relate to you, please contact your physician first!

3) Most of our patients know that we are big proponents of self-myofascial release tools in the rehab process.  A recently published research study  has discussed how massage can heal sore muscles.  This article has gotten a lot of press in the rehab and fitness blogosphere, as well as in the mainstream media.  Take a look at this blog post comparing the use of a foam roller and massage therapist!  (Note: Dan Ogburn is one of the authors on the study).

4) Check out this great interview of Dr. Stuart McGill.  If you haven’t heard of him, he is one of the leading experts and researchers on low back pain.  You’ll find some great information here!

5) We have had an unseasonably warm last few weeks here in the DC area (well, few months to be exact!).  If the warm weather hasn’t motivated you, maybe this will!

See you next week from our new clinic!!

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