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Kinesiotaping Works!

The exciting thing about the practice of manual therapy is the ability to incorporate other treatment techniques to restore pain-free movement.   If you watched the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China, chances are that you noticed the intricate patterns of taping that adorned some of the athletes, especially the volleyball players.  The taping technique used is unique, in that it allows one to remain active with a muscle injury.

The taping technique used is known as kinesiotaping, and is used as an adjunct to treat injured muscles and joints by enhancing the body’s own natural healing process through the activation of its neurological and circulatory systems.  Unlike athletic taping where a joint is immobilized and activity limited, kinesiotaping allows for freedom of movement during the healing phase, making it a very favorable intervention.

This taping method was developed in Japan 25 years ago by Dr. Kenzo Kase.  The goal of kinesiotaping is to support injured muscles, correct joint problems, improve circulation, and activate the analgesic system of the body.  Next time you have a muscle injury that results in pain with activity, ask your therapist whether you can benefit from kinesiotaping to reduce your pain and promote healing and restore function.  Remember, kinesiotaping works.

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