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» ISSA PT Educational Series: April 21st!
ISSA PT Educational Series: April 21st!

Posture and Pain: Effective Ways to Sit, Stand and Move Better!

As the cost of managing back and neck pain continue to rise, there is no better place than to start evaluating your posture. Adopting a healthy posture is an essential part to maintaining a healthy skeletal structure as you age. While almost everyone knows that ‘good posture’ is important, there is a lot of confusion about the most effective strategies for the proper ways to sit, stand, and even sleep!  

This seminar will cover:

      How we describe good and bad postures.
      How does posture impact our pain.
      How to self-analyze your posture.
      Strategies for sitting, standing, and sleeping postures.

Adam Weaver has been a licensed physical therapist for almost 10 years, and has worked at ISSA Physical Therapy for over 5 years. He has experience with individuals and athletes of all ages, and has extensive training in manual therapy, dry needling, and exercise training. He has helped teach with a physical therapy continuing education company for 5 years, and he has presented to many local groups in the DC area.  

If you are interested, come join us on April 21st for another informative talk!

TO RSVP: Email us at info@issapt.com or check us out on our Facebook Event Page!

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