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» How to Make the Most of your PT Part 3: Budgeting
How to Make the Most of your PT Part 3: Budgeting

How to Get the Most Out of Your PT Sessions

Part 3: Budgeting

By: Megan Piersol, DPT

By now, you have had time to think about what questions you might want to bring to your therapist and how much of a commitment you are wanting to put in for the rehabilitation process.  The last thing to consider is that you might have to budget time and money if these things don’t come easily to you.

Your body lasts longer than your car will, longer than your cell phone will, longer than your TVs will, and potentially longer than your apartment/house will.  However, we don’t tend to put as much money in to the up keep of our bodies than these other objects that also need upkeep or replacement (and these things break down on us sooner than we do!). Remember those goals we talked about at the beginning of this blog?  You can revisit that blog here: http://www.issapt.com/blog/Making-the-Most-out-of-Your-Physical-Therapy-Sessions~4351.html

The goals won’t be reached without putting in some time and effort to achieve them. If your body needs attention to help it get to your goal, this may also mean money. Every time I take my car in to the shop to get maintenance done, I walk out spending 300-400$. I don’t hesitate. I get frustrated at the cost, but budget for the next couple months. I need a car to get here and there, so I just do it. We need our bodies to get here and there, so why don’t like to spend money to take care of it? We fight going to the doctor, spending out of pocket, and committing to any health program. Yet, our bodies are the things that will last longer than any other frivolous item we don’t think twice about buying or budgeting to buy. You can’t drive your car if your leg hurts, can’t use your phone if it is aggravating your shoulder and neck, can’t travel if your body isn’t fit enough. Are you getting the point?  There is a saying that you must have to first love and care for yourself before you can care and love for another.  Part of this is making your body the best it can be.

The other obstacle I hear from patients is that they don’t have enough time to fit in their exercises.  You might be surprised once you break down your day that you might have some extra time to spare for doing exercises.  Yes, we need rest and down time, but exercise is also an important part of life.  If you are really dedicated to improving your body, you will budget the time to fit in some TLC to your body. Most things can be incorporated into daily life. You don’t have to spend hours at a gym or hours doing exercises to fit in what is needed to help the body maintain good function.  It isn’t as scary or as hard as your brain makes it seem to be.  We can all find some time to get in movement.   Some PT exercises can even be done while you are at a red light, at work, brushing your teeth, waiting for your food, etc.  There are endless studies out there that say moving is the best medicine. A PT can help get you moving and moving in the right direction! A PT can also cater exercises and activities to help you improve that also fit in with your life (whether it is a time or budget issue).

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