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Healthy Neck & Back- ISSAPT Educational Event
ISSA PHYSICAL THERAPY, October 26th, 2016 at 22:30

Educational Workshop Event

Healthy Neck and Back: How to Arrange Your Desk for Your Health

by Dr. Jesse Lewis, PT, DPT, OCS

Wednesday- October 26, 2016

6:30-8:00 PM


Do you spend a good portion of your day sitting at your desk, driving, or sitting elsewhere?  If so, there is a good chance your posture could use some improvement.  Even minor changes to how you sit can make a big impact on your health.  Most of these changes aren't even that hard to make and can be done in as little as 5 minutes!

Join us to learn:

  • What does good sitting posture look like?
  • Why is it important to sit with good posture?
  • What changes can you make right now to your desk to sit better?
  • What exercises can you do at your desk to keep your body in top shape?

If you spend a lot of your day sitting down, you don't want to miss out on learning some quick and easy ways to feel better and prevent some future aches and pains.

Dr. Jesse Lewis is a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy (OCS), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and is Certified in Applied Functional Science (CAFS). His treatment approach is heavily based on finding and correcting the cause of the problem, and not only treating the symptoms.  

RSVP: email info@issapt.com or call 301-231-0095

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