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Have a look at this weeks links!

This week’s links comes a few days late, but here goes

1) Five finger shoe lovers….there is a class-action lawsuit out, but who knows whether this will hold up in court.  See one of our old posts for our thoughts on these shoes.

2) Check out what others in the country are saying about dry needling and Kinetacore (the dry needling teaching group that we are affiliated with).  Even more exciting is that Kinetacore will be featured on this show in the next several months!

3) Ever see people making up exercises on the BOSU, dynadisc or other stability equipment in the gym? Nice quick feature as part of  Men’s Health and Eric Cressey about whether this is beneficial or not whether this is beneficial or not.

4) Think your strong, or need inspiration?  Or want to be entertained?  Take a look at these guys.  One has to wonder how these guys got good at this.

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