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Come read what we’re reading!

As physical therapists, we often get asked a large variety of questions as it pertains to fitness, health, and nutrition.  We generally proceed with caution when it comes to nutrition, weight loss, and similar topics as this can be seen outside of our scope of practice.  Nevertheless,  we will often make recommendations for where individuals can find some resources and references on this topic.  That being said, this week’s links will focus on some interesting nutritional topics!  Enjoy!!


Alywn Cosgrove,  a well-known and respected fitness professional, provides a nice article that talks about the Hierarchy of Fat loss as it pertains to exercise.  Bookmark this one because it’s good.

Adam Bornstein, editorial director of Livestrong.com, clears up some common food myths that are out there.

Is fish oil effective or non-effective for cardiovascular health?  A  new study released questions its effectiveness.

What’s with all the rage over coconut water?  Is it worth consuming?  Take a look at this post by Chad Waterbury.   He provides some interesting thoughts…


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