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» 9 Things To Stop To Save Yourself Time, Stress, and Create A Healthy Mind and Body; Part 2
9 Things To Stop To Save Yourself Time, Stress, and Create A Healthy Mind and Body; Part 2

9 Things To Stop To Save Yourself Time, Stress, and Create A

Healthy Mind and Body: Part 2

By: Megan Piersol, DPT


It has been about 3 weeks since I last posted on this topic. I hope you have had some time to reflect on, and have success with. The first three things I suggested to stop telling yourself were: stop comparing yourself to others, stop being afraid to fail, and stop focusing on the “can’t.” I am now going to bring up three more things you can stop doing in your daily life to decrease stress and chaos.

  1. Stop saying: “I’ll do that tomorrow” - stop putting off things that need to be attended to. Granted there are many things for us to deal with today, but, let us be honest, we usually tend to things that are easy, and avoid the things that are hard or that we don’t want to do. Tackling small challenges can help you build up the confidence you need to help tackle bigger ones. Sometimes just tackling a few small things at a time will help them not build up over time and become an even more daunting task. This same method can be applied to the physical therapy exercises that you have been prescribe. Break them in to smaller chunks throughout the day or week, so you don’t feel like you’re spending 1-2 hours trying to get them all done. You will also probably rush through your exercises if you feel you have a lot of them to do. If you break them in to smaller groups throughout the week, you can have the time to focus, slow down, and do them right.

  2. Stop over committing yourself. Sometimes you just need to say no! I had a very wise patient from my first job that always told me I needed to learn to say “no!” She was so right. I fought it for a while. However, once I started sorting out things and learning that “no” doesn’t have to be negative or faulty, I have become more in tune and actually more open to me and others. Those that love and support you will understand this. You should never feel guilty about doing something beneficial for yourself and for your health.

This leads me to the next topic...

  1. Stop being hard on yourself. Give yourself a break! We can’t be 100% all of the time and will make mistakes along the way. Afterall, it is learning from your mistakes that allows you to grow and prepare better for next time. If you were 100%, then there would be no more room to grow or become a better version of yourself.
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