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We Firmly Believe in the Therapeutic Power of Touch

When babies are born they require nurturing touch throughout their development or else they do not thrive. As we grow older, we still need that caring and skillful interaction, unfortunately our culture does not always allow the time or space for it. Because of this, we suffer in many different ways be it mentally, emotionally, or physically. Massage is my way of bringing that restorative touch back into people's lives. I enjoy being a person of service on the wellness journeys of others. Let's work together to find out how I can be of service to you on your path!

                                                                         -Christa Sperry  (massage therapist at ISSAPT)

Massage therapy is a complementary and alternative medicine that assists in restoring mobility, promotes relaxation, decreases stress, reduces pain, facilitates the body’s healing processes, and enhances general health. 

Massage therapy is a wonderful entry point for many to address pain and limitations related to common muscle tension and knots that plague many of us.  Massage therapy can also be a great transition after physical therapy rehabilitation to maintain the gains made in therapy.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance your quality of life and get you back to the things you enjoy.  Come discover how massage therapy at ISSA PHYSICAL THERAPY can help you get back to feeling, moving, and being better.

For additional information call our office at 301-231-0095 or Book Online.

"The journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step" - Lao Tzu

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